A Bakers Dozen…

Best Laid Plans….

I started out giving myself a project of picking my 12 favorite shots from 2017 because…. well its that time of year… Anyway, that quickly got out of hand, so I gave up on that and changed the self assignment to pick 12 shots from 2017 that I like but hadn’t posted. That morphed into putting together a cross section of shots from 2017 that represented some experiments, diverse content, cameras and medium (35mm and Medium Format film, and digital). 12 grew to 13… Cuz I wanted the Meek Mill pic in there… So here it is.

Cameras Used: Nikon D300 (Digital), Nikon F100, Nikon FE2, Zorki 4, Yashica D

Films Used: TriX, Kodak Portra 400, HP5, Fomopan100

NE Philly Winter Sunset

Butler and Aramingo – looking south from the Lowes parking lot


The area around Castor and¬†Armingo Ave – a neighborhood no man’s land between Port Richmond, Bridesburg,¬†Kensington, Frankford, and Tacony – is an old industrial¬†corridor whose mixed fortunes have followed the rise and fall of Philly’s¬†manufacturing economy. Today big box stores, strip malls, vacant lots, light industry, rail lines, and¬†abandoned factories coexist with working class rowhouse¬†blocks and a new ‘luxury townhouse’ development.¬†

Shot on Kodak Portra 400 РDeveloped and scanned by local lab

Nikon F100 28-105 f3.5-4.5 AF-D Lens (75mm 1/320 sec @ f/ 5.6) 



Come To The Promised Land

Took some time this summer to go camping at Promised Land State Park in north east Pa. This part of the world has seen more than one boom come and go. The timber was clear cut in the 19th century ( the forests we see today are second and third growth), the coal and steel are gone and with them the railways. Once industry had extracted all the profits from the ground, the land was turned over to the state and the ‘taxpayers’ (that’s us) for ‘rehabilitation’.

For a hot moment there was money to made here as a mountain resort town but those glory days are long gone. Now we are left with the lake and hiking trails, the WPA built dams and campground, struggling working class communities getting squeezed by ¬†New York City developers…. and a lot of empty space.


Color pics Nikon D300. Black and white images Nikon FE2 on Kodak TriX and Ilford HP5 film Рdeveloped and scanned by hand. Minimal processing in Adobe LightRoom.

Lenses used: Nikon 24mm f/2.8 AF-D, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D, 50mm f/1.4 AIS, 105mm f/2.5

Inside The Philly MAGA March

Make America Great Again?

March 25th 2017 Philly MAGA March.

Philly area Trumpers show their stuff in Center City. I’m usually on the other side of the line but went inside to look and listen. About halfway through the event most of the mainstream Trump supporters left and hard right took control. When was the last time you saw organized white supremacists marching down Market St?

Here’s a few frames.

Shot on Ilford HP5 – Nikon FE2 (35 f/2, 50 f/1.4 & 105 f/2.5) – Developed and scanned at home.

Fun With A Russian

WTF is a Zorki?

The basic Narrative is out there: ¬†after World War 2 the Soviets took material, tooling, dies, and skilled workers from occupied Germany back to Russia as reparations. All of Germany’s patents were also released into the public domain by the allied governments. The Soviets (and others) began manufacturing Leica and Contax clones for internal and export markets and so we get this ¬†Zorki ¬†35mm Rangefinder, a Soviet derivative of the Leica 3.

This one has commemorative markings celebrating the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution¬†so I’m assuming a manufacture date of about 1967. It’s a bit clunky, the film registration is slightly off, there’s no batteries or exposure meter, but it fits in my coat pocket and is actually a lovely small camera to carry around. ¬†Here’s a few frames from some test rolls.¬†The color negatives were developed and scanned by a local lab, the b&w shots were hand developed and scanned at home.


Zorki 4 35mm rangefinder w/50mm f/3.5 lens ¬†–¬†Fomopan100, Kodak Tri X, and Portra 160

Squared Up


Found a 40 year old Yashica 6×6 format film camera¬†( a Japanese riff on the Rolliecord) in decent shape, shot 2 rolls of¬†120 color print film (Kodak Portra 400 and Ektar 100). See the accidental in camera double exposure…. focus, wind, snap… or was that snap, wind, focus… oops…

No meter, no safety interlocks, just you and the light.

Film developed and scanned by a local lab.