Street work with Cinestill400

Some sample frames from work in progress. Shot 2 rolls of 35mm Cinestill400, a motion picture film that’s been repurposed and marketed for still photography and standard C41 lab chemistry. Found a few light leaks, some interesting color shifts and contrast effects but nothing that would make me use it instead of a more traditional emulsion unless that’s all we’ve got after the zombie apocalypse 🙂

Nikon F100 35mm SLR with various lenses

Clearing Winter Storm

Aramingo Ave – Gateway to the NorthEast. Pulled over for a few grab shots on a February drive home because the sky was doing that thing. Image capture on 120 format Fomapan100 black and white film with an old Yashica TLR. Exposure not recorded. Processed and scanned by Indie Labs